Laurence and Kyler met while they were on their vacation back in 2009 in Thailand.

And ever since they started dating later that year, it has been long distance.

Long distance relationships are one of those that takes immense effort, heart and strength.

Time difference is a big hurdle, let alone the distance between(in this instance, 10847.38km).

It is a feat these two made it to the finish line, or the start of forever, and I can’t be more happy for them.

And for Laurence, on how he seal the deal with Kyler, i’ll quote Kyler.

“Knowing my love for history and international relations, Laurence proposed at Chartwell,

Sir Winston Churchhill’s family home in Kent, UK.The beautiful flower gardens and lush green lawns were stunning. He arranged for champagne to be hidden by the lake, where he eventually popped the question after we toured the mansion.”

Venue: Salt Grill and Sky Bar, Ion Orchard

Wardrobe: Gowns and Suits: The Gown Warehouse

Hair & Makeup: Kacey Teh

Photography: Sidexside Pictures

Cake & Desserts: Cupcakes: Shyna Manoharan, Totallyb8ked