Seeing how comfortable Ryan and Liz are, basking in each other’s presence, it is clear these two are madly in love. Still beaming with happiness from their engagement in chiangmai two days earlier, our shoot was filled with little gestures, inside jokes and slapstick humour – the kind only lovers could appreciate. Body language are tell-tale signs when words aren’t present. The moments of togetherness, so tenderly felt, are simple pleasure for this long-distance couple.

Having known Ryan for almost half my life, you would have to imagine the excitement and the gratitude I have to be able to witness their engagement. If you know Ryan, he is someone who would willingly goes out of the way for a friend. He appreciate the littlest of things and is thankful for everything he experiences. And when he gets excited about something, the little boy in him emerges and you won’t ever hear the end of it – Liz is ‘it’ for him. And I could go on forever about this guy but there are just way too many good things and memories to pen down in words.

Thank you for being my friend, Ryan. Hanging out with you and Liz is a memory that i will always cherish. I am overjoyed for your union and am grateful to be a part of your lives.


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